Hi there! I'm an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying mathematics.

This past summer, I interned with Stuart Russell's AI safety group, the Center for Human-Compatible AI. With Adam Gleave, I worked on a paper on the interpretability of learned reward functions.

Over the last year, I've also been working with the neuroscientist Erik Hoel. We've been measuring effective information and integrated information in deep neural networks. A preprint on this should be out in the next few weeks. The code is available here. I am broadly interested in the theory of deep learning.

Previously, I worked with the Berkeley SETI Research Center (the Breakthrough Listen Initiative), and wrote a paper on the idea of doing radio-frequency SETI searches from the far side of the Moon. More info on the project, with some more links, can be found here. This work was the subject of a lovely article on supercluster.com.

Here is my GitHub and a CV. I am also on twitter @ericjmichaud_.